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How to solve wordpress multisite subdomain error for hostgator

After a lot of trying, finally, I managed to set up a WordPress multisite to work on a HostGator server setup.

You need to add setup a wildcard subdomain from hostgator subdomain setup.
Go to subdomains and add one with just an asterisk(*).

To check if the wildcard setup is really working:  

If your domain is mydomain.com, then visit any random subdomain which is not assigned yet. For example: notAssigned.mydomain.com
If this subdomain redirects to your main domain, then your wildcard setup is ok. Otherwise, you have to manually edit the A record for the asterisk(*).
To do that go: Simple DNS Zone Editor
Add an A record to: *
You will find the address below of that page. The IP address or record (ex: which is assigned to your main domain.
After adding this record, I think you will not find any error now. But in case do the wildcard checking again.

Add this into wp-config.php to enable multisite.
define('WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE', true);

Login to your WordPress dashboard and go to Tools>>Network (.com/wp-admin/network.php) You will then see the following type of instructions. Just follow the instruction.

I don't know. Your site should be ok now.


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